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Tam of Tiffanys: A School Story Dorothea Moore

Tam of Tiffanys: A School Story

Dorothea Moore

Published 1918
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Born in Islington in 1880, Dorothea Mary Moore was the daughter of the Rev. William Moore, and his wife Alice Montague Pope. Her father had the curacy at Romsey from 1881-82, and at Horningsham from 1882-85- and was the priest at Kingston Deverill from 1885-99, at St. Saviors, Highbury from 1899-1912, and at Mereworth from 1913-31. Moore was educated at Godolphin School, Salisbury, and at Cheltenham Ladies College- and, being lame as a girl, turned to writing. She was living in Aberdeen in 1909, most likely with her brother, who was in medical school thereTwo of Moores plays - My Lady Bellamy and Grey Mask - were performed by a professional troupe, the Alexander Maclean Company, and it is possible that she toured with them herself. She served in the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) during World War I, and settled in Eastbourne afterward, keeping house for her doctor brother. Moore was a prolific author, producing many books for young people - girls school stories, Ruritanian fantasies, historical novels, and tales of Girl Guiding - the last of which dovetailed with another of her great interests. Moore herself was a Guider from 1918 through 1927, and ran a Brownie pack from 1918 to 1928, and she is credited with writing the very first Guiding story for girls, Terry the Girl Guide. She died in London in 1933.