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Dzieje Herodotus



Published 2006
ISBN : 9788307030531
650 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Book I (Clio)Rulers of LydiaHow Gyges took the kingdom from CandaulesThe singer Arions ride on the dolphinSolons answer to Crœsuss questionCrœsuss & his son AtysCrœsuss test of the oraclesOracle of Delphis answer to CrœsusPeisistratos as tyrant of AthensRise of SpartaCrœsuss & Cyrus II of PersiaRulers of the MedesDeioces rise over the MedesAstyagess attempt to destroy Cyrus & Cyruss rise to powerHarpagus tricked & his revenge against AstyagesPersian cultureHistory & geography of the Ionians, & Harpagus attacksPactyes & the Lydians revoltCulture of AssyriaCyruss attack on BabylonCyruss ill-fated attack on the MassagetæBook II (Euterpe)Statue of Hathor & proof of Phrygian antiquityGeography of EgyptSpeculations on the Nile riverTeligious practices of Egypt as they differ from GreekAnimals of EgyptCulture of EgyptKings of EgyptHelen & Paris stay in Egypt during the Trojan WarMore kings of EgyptThe line of priestsThe LabyrinthMore kings of EgyptBook III (Thalia)Ruins of PersepolisCambyses IIs attack on Egypt & Psammetichus IIIs defeatCambysess abortive attack on EthiopiaMadness of CambysesGood fortune of Polycrates king of SamosPeriander of Corinth & Corcyra, & his obstinate sonRevolt of the two Magi & the death of CambysesConspiracy of the seven to remove the MagiRise of Darius I of PersiaThe twenty satrapiesCulture of India & their method of collecting goldCulture of Arabia & their method of collecting spicesThe flooded valley with five gatesOrœtes of Sardis scheme against PolycratesThe physician DemocêdesRise of Syloson governor of SamosRevolt of Babylon & its defeat by the scheme of ZopyrusBook IV (Melpomene)History of the ScythiansThe miraculous poet AristeasGeography of ScythiaInhabitants of regions beyond ScythiaA comparison of Libya (Africa), Asia & EuropeRivers of ScythiaCulture of the ScythiansBeginning of Darius attack on ScythiaBrutal worship of Zalmoxis by the GetaeCustoms of the surrounding peoplesWooing of the Amazons by the Scyths forming the SauromataeDariuss failed attack on Scythia & retreatStory of the Minyæ & the founding of CyreneKings of CyrenePeoples of Libya from east to westRevenge of Arcesilaus mother PheretimaBook V (Terpsichore)Attack on the Thracians by MegabazusRemoval of the Paeonians to AsiaSlaughter of the Persian envoys by Alexander I of MacedonFailed attack on the Naxians by Aristagoras of MiletusRevolt of Miletus against PersiaBackground of Spartan king Cleomenes I & his brother DorieusDescription of the Persian Royal Road from Sardis to SusaIntroduction of writing to Greece by the PhoeniciansFreeing & subsequent attacking of Athens by SpartaReorganizing the Athenian tribes by CleisthenesAttack on Athens by the Thebans & EginetansBackgrounds of the tyrants of CorinthAristagoras requests for help from Sparta & AthensBurning of Sardis & Dariuss vow for revengePersias attempts to quell the Ionian revoltBook VI (Erato)MiltiadesFleeing of Histiaeus to ChiosTraining of the Ionian fleet by Dionysius of PhocaeaAbandonment of the Ionian fleet by the SamiansDefeat of the Ionian fleet by the PersiansCapture & death of Histiaeus by HarpagusInvasion of Greece under Mardonius & enslavement of MacedonDestruction of 300 ships in Mardonius fleet near AthosDarius order that Greeks provide him earth & waterAthenian request for assistance of Cleomenes of SpartaHistory behind Sparta having two kingsDethronement of Demaratus, the other king of SpartaArrest of the traitors in Aegina by Cleomenes & LeotychidesSuicide of Cleomenes in a fit of madnessBattle between Aegina & AthensTaking of Eretria by the PersiansPheidippidess encounter with the god PanPlataean assistance & history of their alliance with AthensAthenian win at the Battle of MarathonSpartans late arrival to assist AthensHistory of the AlcmaeonidaeDeath of MiltiadesBook VII (Polymnia)Darius amassing of an army after learning of MarathonQuarrel about who should succeed Darius. Xerxes is chosenDeath of Darius in 486 BCDefeat of Egyptian rebels by XerxesAdvice given to Xerxes on invading GreeceDreams of XerxesPreparations for warOffer by Pythius to XerxesPythius requests a son to stay home & Xerxes rageDestruction & rebuilding of the bridges at AbydosThe siding with Persia of many Greek statesRefusal of aid by Gelo of Syracuse & by CreteDestruction of 400 Persian ships due to a stormGreek force led by Leonidas I sent to ThermopylaeBattle of ThermopylaeSecret pass divulged by Ephialtes of TrachisRetreat of all but the Spartans, Thespians & ThebansGreek defeatBook VIII (Urania)Greek fleet is led by the Spartan EurybiadesDestruction by storm of 200 ships sent to block Greek escapeRetreat of the Greek fleet after word of ThermopylaeSupernatural rescue of Delphi from a Persian attackEvacuation of Athens assisted by the fleetReinforcement of the Greek fleet at Salamis IslandDestruction of Athens by the Persian land forceBattle of SalamisDescription of the Angarum, the Persian riding postArtemisia, Persian woman commander, & her council to XerxesVengeance of Hermotimus, Xerxes eunuch, against PanioniusAttack on Andros by ThemistoclesEscape of Xerxes who leaves behind troops under MardoniusAncestry of Alexander I of MacedonRefusal of Alexanders attempt for Persian alliance w/AthensBook IX (Calliope)Second taking of an evacuated AthensEvacuation to Thebes by MardoniusMasistius slaying by the AtheniansWarning from Alexander to the Greeks of impending attackDeath of Mardonius by AeimnestusPersian retreat to Thebes & battle of PlataeaDescription & dividing of the spoilsEscape of Artabazus into AsiaPersian defeat in Ionia by the Greek fleet & Ionian revoltMasistes wifes mutilation ordered by Amestris, Xerxes wifeDeath of Masistes after his intent to rebelAthenian blockade of Sestos & capture of Artayctes